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Interested in keeping up-to-date with our progress?  Please use the form below and tell us how to contact you.   We promise not to sell your information or share it without your permission.   As news-worthy items do come along, we will push them out to our contact list and maybe you  can help.  If you have immediate, super important, rock your world stuff that you want to share, you also use the voice mail or email link at the below.

If you would like to join our team, we are looking for a few good volunteers.   Follow this link to the Team Page.

Stark county broadband task team

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Open Positions - Volunteer Only

We have a few positions that would be great to fill, but we may be limited by our imagination. If you think you would be a great additional for your knowledge, enthusiam and leadership or would like to volunteer someone on behalf of your organization, please use the form below.


We have a powerful message.  Do you have the personal tookkit to help deliver it?  Our research says that the under 40 age group gets it and over 40 not so much.  Can you help?  


  • Experience in Social Media, Web, Email and the like
  • Can talk to Mom and Dad and explain complicated stuff to them
  • Burning desire to build something for the ages and the ageless

IT Developers

Fly now my pretties!  If you ever wanted to pown your ISP and give them a big helping of what they dish out, now is your chance.  Imaging a world where you could get 40x the bandwidth for the same price.  And it works.  And it doesn't slow down.


  • Have a working knowledge of various API's (Twillo, Stripe, AWS, etc) and web platforms
  • Have time to spend working with a team to build a campaign engine
  • Be wicked smart; not wicked

Might be a good idea to have somebody who does this for a living weigh in on some of the policy and technical issues. We know you do this for a living, but come on, this is your civic duty citizen!


  • Know FTTP
  • Have a working knowledge of right-of-ways and utility mumbo jumbo
  • Thinks 5G might just work sooner than later
  • A plus if you have actually done this before

Network Engineer

This is where the rubber meets the road.   Talk is cheap and fiber is expensive.   We need persons that can help us figure out how to pay for this and not break the bank.


  • Probably should know how to issue bonds - experience with mini-bonds would seem to be serendipitous
  • Public-private experience would also be be a big plus
  • Squeeky-clean work / life will garner outright envy from our messy creative types
  • Don't be a broker and think you going to get a commisson on this 


Last on our list, but first in our hearts.   The work may be pro bono, but at least we are not criminal types.   Instead, you can keeps us legal and above board, in our dealings with various governments, vendors, foundations and other stake holders.  Leroy Contie figured out how to structure the Canton Water Department as an Enterprise Utility in 1957 as the city law director and he later became a Federal Judge. It's time for you to make history yourself!


  • A good knowledge of Ohio Revised Code, especially the parts about the various forms of government
  • Contacts, Contracts, Contracts!
  • Know how to structure partnerships, holding companies and keep things transparent



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