Are We Ready for the 21st Century?


The Stark County Broadband Task Team is a group of the willing;  a team of interested volunteers that represent small and large employeers, non-profits and governments.  Since 2014 we have been studying what possiblities higher-speed broadband might bring to our community.

Why broadband? Why now? A common thread among our team members and the interests we represent is the dissatisfaction with the status-quo. Greater Stark County is falling behind its peers in Ohio and elsewhere in the United States in terms of educational attainment, household income, retention of high-school graduates and overall prosperity.

History would suggest that by looking at previous adoption cycles like the electrication of the United States, those communities that make prudent investments in emerging utilities can reap large benefits.

Unarguably the Internet has become an essential component of everyday life / work and is no longer considered a luxury. Due to history, regulations and industry behavior, the United States is woefully behind other industrial nations in terms of broadband speeds, capacity and  access. Providing a competitive broadband marketplace with the minimum of 1 gigabit per second to our residential neighbors and businesses will provide our community with an invaluable asset that is an essential feedstock for 21st century innovation.

Some Things We Believe In

Unless we change the aspirations of our communities to not just compete but to win, we will lose our most gifted

The rise of the app economy and the massive leveraging of cloud computing has put a greater emphasis on persistent, ubiquitous high-speed networks

The Internet will eventually consume all other forms of communication.   The four dimensions of service will be availability, price, reliability and speed.

Artificial intelligence and robotics will supplement human labor and increase the rate of structural change in the world economy

Employment growth will be in work that is done at a distance

Communities without Internet choice will not prosper

Broadband is the fourth utility;  We think of it as an opportunity for our community to go forth and prosper, hence the forth utility